Greetings from the Manager

Downturn of the Chinese economy and the turmoil in Europe resulting from the UK’s decision to exit from the European Union have added to unforeseeable elements in the future economy. The world economy has become all the more difficult to foresee.

To compete with other companies, and also to maintain the competitive edge in the domestic and overseas markets, to own monopolistic rights in the intellectual property field has become increasingly important.

Regardless of the size of a company, to win out over other companies by merely competing in cost has long past. We have entered an era that no one can live to maintain an advantageous position by merely cutting cost or by hard work.

Those who win in the intellectual property world not only can win in the market, but also can create a new market that is best suited for themselves.

When viewed in medium- and long-term, it is not an exaggeration to say that owning the intellectual property rights will determine the future of the company.

I, as one working in the intellectual property field, have a great pleasure in cooperating with our clients and helping them obtain a favorable position in the intellectual property field and enjoy the outcome of the new technological development that they deserve.

Nobutoshi Okubi

Nobutoshi Okubi,
Patent Attorney

Firm’s policy

In the intellectual property field, so as to hold an advantageous position in competitions, to obtain an intellectual right by filing an application and thence having a patent, trademark, etc., registered, are required.

With the ever-expanding internationalization of the business, a company is prompted to secure the intellectual property rights by filing applications in the country where new business operation is planned.

By obtaining the intellectual rights in the country, a company not only can place itself in a favourable position in competition, but also it can secure a market share for its products in that country.

To file applications in other countries, appropriate processes should be followed that are in accord with the examination rules, practices, etc., of the countries.

Taking advantage of years of experiences in the intellectual property field in various countries, including filing applications, the prosecutions of the applications, etc., we provide expert services that meet the requirements of the countries and that are best suited for your needs.