Office Profiles

Manager and patent attorney Nobutoshi Okubi
Registered as patent attorney in the year 2005
Professional carrier After experiencing business in
– General trading company (mainly handled machinery, metals, etc.);
– Internet provider; and
– Engineering company
Joined Yamasaki Law and Patent Firm (current Yamasaki & Partners) in February, 2006, until March, 2016, (the partner of the firm from October, 2010 to March, 2016).
Education Entered: Tokyo University, Science I Course
Graduated: Tokyo University, Faculty of Art and Science
Language – Japanese
– English
-lectured on the patent system of the EPO in the Delegation of the EU Commission (Japan) (2008)
– played a presenter in a series of seminars on the intellectual property system of Japan for commercial staff of the embassies in Japan of about 30 countries, including major industrial countries in America and Europe, (April 2006 to December 2007)
– German

Business field

Domestic and overseas intellectual property rights

Domestic applications of

Patent application, utility model application, design registration application, trademark registration application

Foreign applications of the above (the United States, Europe, Australia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Southeast Asian countries, etc.) (applications under the PCT, the Paris Convention, Trips treaty, etc.)

Prosecution of the applications

Appeals, oppositions, invalidation trials



Licensing negotiations and supporting service for contracting in the intellectual field

Consultation and support in intellectual property fields:
We offer interpretation services on behalf of clients in negotiations concerning intellectual property business, and the translation of materials, publications, documents, etc. (English ⇔ Japanese).

We offer services for the translation of materials, publications, documents (German ⇒English or German ⇒Japanese)
Advisory services relating to intellectual property rights

Technical fields

The experienced technical fields to date cover a wide area. Some of them are the following


foundry and casting manufacturing, shot blasting, metal processing, food processing/manufacturing, laser processing machines, audio equipment, sensor equipment, fluid control, vehicles, wire bar binding machine, belt for transport, shot-blasting.


Steel pipe processing, drilling pipes, seamless steel pipe, magnetic powder,

Electrical and electronic: electronic article surveillance system (EAS), a wireless monitoring system, labeling machine, beam homogenization system, alarm system, ultraviolet hardening system,

Medical equipment

staple for body cavity, medical instruments for body cavity, bio-absorbable stent, prosthetic valve, and medical equipment, silica particles for toothpaste, single port surgery systems, vascular closure devices, prosthetic valve transport equipment, expansion balloon inserted for blood vessel

Life articles

flavor composition, composition for oral intake

Chemicals and chemistry

alkylation of benzene-containing aromatic feed, method of reducing benzene content of gasoline, method for phenol and acetone recovery, carriers for catalyst for polyisoprene polymer, olefin polymerization, fluid composition for power transmission equipment, hair treatment composition, metallocene-based catalyst systems, thermoplastic compositions, alkylated benzene compound, conversion processes of aromatics, ink-jet ink

Biology and biochemical

DNA expression construct, immune activity regulation multimeric molecule, method for processing cellulose material, hemicellulose removal, method for increasing crop harvest by trehalose, method of simultaneous detection of antibodies, method for determining cell immunofluorescence foci

Overseas agents

The countries and regions that we experienced business with in the past:
United States, Mexico, Brazil, Canada,
Europe (EPO), United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Austria,
China, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand,